How to choose the right color for your countertops?

One of the most exciting parts of choosing a new kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop is deciding on the color. Making the right color choices can sometimes be intimidating because most color selections from floor to ceiling can seem very permanent and expensive tiles and cabinets. 

Whether you choose marble countertop, quartz countertop, or granite countertop, it is a considerable investment. A granite countertop can be more challenging because it comes in a variety of unique color combinations. Below is a list of tips to consider when selecting the perfect stone countertop colors that you’ll love for your kitchen and bathroom for years to come. 

  1. Overall aesthetic 

decide on the overall look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom. Select colors that you love and that you respond to emotionally. This will ensure that your room will look balanced and cohesive when the work is done. 

  1. Consider the cabinets

 Cabinets take a lot of visual space in both bathrooms and kitchen. That is why it is essential to balance the cabinet with the countertop to ensure that the color will not dominate the entire room. Lighter cabinets can be paired with dark countertops to create a beautiful, timeless look. 

  1. Check the lighting. 

Look at all your color choices in daylight and the artificial light in the particular room. A dark-countertop may be most appealing in a well lit or room with large windows. Soft-blues and greens will look fresh in the morning light. Also, a stone countertop with some sparkle will look more beautiful if your room is bright.  

  1. Choose whether your countertop will be the centerpiece or supporting role in your room. 

To achieve a well-balanced color scheme, choose a stone within the same color as your appliances for a complementary role. If you want your countertop to be the centerpiece, you can select the most striking color. Choosing your countertop is a matter of taste and can be overwhelming. Give your choice of careful consideration and take the time to consider your options. If you need more information,  call our countertops company in Chicago.