How to take care of granite countertop?

How to make our granite countertops still unique?

Granite countertops in Chicago are an increasingly popular style which offer almost endless benefits to any homeowner. In addition to their obvious and timeless beauty, these counters are also extremely durable and resistant to both heat and water. For a low-maintenance countertop which looks great, granite is a great choice. So how can you keep your granite countertops in Chicago looking their best?

Protecting Granite Countertops in Chicago

Sealing the surface of your granite countertops in Chicago are a great way to improve their durability and extend their lifespan. In most cases, sealant isn’t strictly necessary, but it can be helpful. Use only high-quality sealant and make sure to apply it safely and properly for maximum benefit. Properly sealed granite countertops in the Chicago area are super resilient, but there are still some general tips you may want to heed. For instance, avoid placing hot pots or pans directly on these counters. While a momentary exposure to heat won’t affect granite countertops in Chicago, prolonged exposure or rapid temperature changes can cause damage.

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Do’s & Don’t’s – A Cleaning Guide For Granite Kitchen Countertops in Chicago

Granite is a super low-maintenance material, but you’re still going to need to clean it from time to time. When you do this, make sure to begin with a pH-neutral cleanser and a soft cloth. Harsh cleaners or chemicals can wear down the sealant on your counters, so stick with stone cleaner or dish soap while avoiding Windex or vinegar. Clean up any messes on your granite countertops in Chicago immediately. While properly-sealed granite surfaces should be safe, stains can still seep in and stain the stone itself if the mess is left unattended. Sometimes granite kitchen countertops in Chicago require deeper cleaning. In this case, the best option is baking soda and water, particularly for oil marks. Create an oil from this mixture and let it sit overnight on the stains. The same process goes for water marks, but you should use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide instead.

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