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Quartz – great countertop material

Quartz is one of the most beautiful and durable materials for your home design. It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz is quarried from mines and then cleaned before being distributed for a variety of uses just like other stones. But, if you are taking under consideration different stones and laminate materials for your countertop, the quartz combine stylish look with a lasting finish. That is what everybody wants right ?  Well, quartz countertops are absolutely stunning but they are not cheap. When it comes to getting an estimate or price quote for a quartz counter it can be extremely confusing. One distributor will offer you a price that includes the installation while another keeps it separate. So, if you are planning to install your new quartz countertops you need to think if it will fit into your budget.

How much the quartz countertop cost?

The price of quartz countertop is different depending on many things. When you are buying the quartz countertop itself it can cost from $50 to $100 per feet depending on the quality of it. On average, people are paying $75 per square foot. Another thing is when a distributor offer you a price that includes installation. The cost of installation vary from $150 to $280 per square foot.  The price fluctuating based on the number of slabs of quartz and any additional finishes. You will find out by yourself that the cost increases when you want to add detailed edging fabrications or request extra fixture cutouts. There are a couple of steps that may factor into the cost of installing a quartz countertop for example : leveling, fabrication or seam jointing. Estimating the cost of installation for a quartz countertop comes down to knowing the price per square foot. The average countertop that measures about 25 square feet will cost between $1,200 and $2,700 after purchasing the quartz and paying installation fees. So, you see that this is not a cheap project. Think twice before you decide.