Matt or polished contertop surface – pros and cons

Countertops play a significant role in your kitchen. When you have new stone countertops for your home, you can choose between the matte or polished stone. Both can give you a beautiful look, but also comes with different drawbacks. If you are torn between the two and don’t know which one to choose, here are a couple of pros and cons that you should consider.

Polished countertops are popular and widely used throughout different homes. It’s considered the standard because it’s available sheen in granite countertops, marble, quartz, concrete, and other materials. With this said, it comes with very few limitations when it comes to its availability. Since this surface is standard, the cost is affordable since it doesn’t require any type of upcharge or additional fees. It is easy to hide fingertips and smudges, which is excellent in the appearance of your countertops.

Now, the polished kitchen countertops downside. Since it tends to be shiny, it will most likely reflect light. If your kitchen is more of a traditional look, this is not the surface for you to choose from. This surface may not damage as quickly, but when they are scratched or chipped, it can be very noticeable.

Matte, on the other hand, is a popular choice for those who want a modernized kitchen. It can create a nice layer of texture in the kitchen with much less glare than a polished surface. If you have many lights in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry about the glow of reflection that might show in your countertops. 

Now, matte countertop surfaces may not be available in some countertop materials, even though they are more common today. One of the materials that it works with is quartz countertops. Unlike the polished surface, matte easily shows fingerprints. It may also be a bit more expensive than a polished surface since it is considered as an upgrade option, depending on the fabricator. However, the additional cost doesn’t always apply.

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