Signs that you should consider countertops replacement

Countertops can get a beating over the years, especially seeing that a kitchen is where most of the wear and tear in your house takes place. A cracked or uneven countertop can be caused by undue weight and age, and that’s a reason to replace it. 

Chicago’s quartz or granite countertop installers can provide you with the perfect kitchen countertop for your home. Our skilled contractors can advise as to what material would be most suitable and give you the longest life expectancy for daily use. Having a professional install your counters is a wise thing to do. They have the knowledge as to how much weight and surface area you can safely work with and what products and finishes are best suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Being a kitchen counter, it can end up having a multitude of stains or burn marks on the surface as time goes on. This can give your kitchen an outdated and messy look. Countertops Chicago has many solutions to suit your decor and budget. Stone, marble, quartz, and tile are all viable solutions for new countertops. But whatever you choose, use a professional company to measure, cut, and install your new countertop.

Also, try to use a protective layer between your hot pots and pans on your counter surface for extra protection.

A new sparkling, clean, trendy countertop can add immense value to your home if you consider selling. It can give your old kitchen a whole new clean, and fresh look for potential buyers. The money you spend on new countertops will come back to you tenfold when you sell your home with a newly installed granite, stone, or quartz countertop. This is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen for not a lot of money.

Other reasons for changing your countertops are structural damage caused by fire or extending your kitchen’s size, and you would like all the counters to match.

Chicago installers are happy to come out to see your project and give their very best opinion and price.