Quartz Countertops Chicago, IL – FAQ

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  1. Quartz countertops can match just about any color needed, including bright red, lime green, as well as brown, black, and cream for neutral options.
  2. Quartz is very strong and is less resistant to cracking or chipping as compared to granite or marble kitchen countertops.
  3. The non-porous quartz countertops will not allow bacteria to grow within tiny cracks, unlike other stone countertop materials.
  4. Its stain resistance will not allow oil, juice, wine, tomato sauce, or coffee to affect the color.

Can quartz countertops be stained?

Quartz countertops in Chicago are stain-resistant. The surface is nonporous so any potential staining liquids cannot settle into the pores to discolor the quartz.

Is it easy to scratch quartz countertops?

With normal use, quartz countertops in Chicago are scratch-resistant as they are incredibly durable. 

How easy is it to maintain quartz countertops?

Quartz requires little maintenance, especially as compared to granite countertops, which usually need to be sealed at least once a year. This is not necessary for quartz countertops.

Is quartz heat resistant?

While quartz can resist limited heat as compared to laminate surfaces, it cannot withstand the same levels of heat as granite or other stone countertops in Chicago, so more care is needed. Direct heat from a pot can harm a quartz countertop.  

Is quartz an expensive option?

The price of quartz countertops in Chicago is very comparable to other options like granite, slate, and marble.