Steps Towards Ideal Installation Of Countertops Chicago, IL

1. Planing

When facing a new project, planning is crucial and installation of countertops Chicago is no exception.  Make sure you are ready for any additional help or to deal with any potential delays. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure your project results meet or exceed your expectations.

2. Budgeting

Once you have explored your options and pinpointed your priorities, you should establish a reasonable budget.  Planning out your budget in advance helps to eliminate any unnecessary expenses further on in addition to keeping you on track throughout the process.

3. Know Your Space

You should have a solid concept of your likes and dislikes if you decide to modify your bathroom or kitchen’s layout. Our experienced, qualified crew can offer additional assistance for both ideas and execution as well as other options for both kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops Chicago.

4. Measurement

Taking proper measurements and dimensions of your space prior to visiting the showroom is an essential step.  Although they do not need to be precise, they will give you a general idea about the quantities of material required in order to provide an estimate.

5. Choosing Slab

Here comes the fun: deciding upon the best countertop material for you. We have a vast array of countertop materials including gorgeous stone countertops, marble countertops, granite countertops, and quartz countertops Chicago homeowners love. We exclusively utilize materials from the country’s top manufacturers which includes varied edge profiles and a broad color selection from which to choose.

6. Appointment

At this point, it all feels real! We will schedule your measurement and installation appointments, generally with two weeks between them. This appointment is crucial so we may complete any design and installation plans. The main decision-maker must be present for this moment.

7. Preparing The Space

On installation day, it is imperative that you clear entryways and pathways so our crew may enter your home carefully, carrying your new, beautiful material.