Things To Avoid When You Have Granite Countertops Chicago, IL

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Raw Meat

If you have granite countertops in your Chicago kitchen that are properly sealed, they may keep bacteria out of the microscopic pores in the stone but it’s not worth the risk. Any bacteria left on your countertops can easily contaminate other foods creating a health hazard in your home. While many believe that tough cleansers and disinfectants will eliminate such hazards after working with raw meat on the counter surface, these products can actually dull and damage the sealant on a granite countertop over time.

Acidic Foods and Beverages

The ability the stone countertops in Chicago have for staying stain-resistant can seriously be diminished if exposed to common household acidic items, like lemon juice.


Accidents can happen in any kitchen at any time. There is no getting around it. But no matter what kind of kitchen countertops are in your Chicago home, make sure you clean up spills as soon as possible so they don’t have a chance to work their way into the sealant. It’s best to use hot water with a mild soap or cleanser.


Your granite countertops in Chicago can withstand the blade of a knife, but you’ll probably need new knives pretty quickly as the blades will dull and even chip.  

Hard Impact

Even the strength and durability of granite countertops can be tested by the impact of heavy items. Chips in the granite are common around the sink area so be mindful of how you lift heavy objects over your countertops.

Hot Pots and Pans

Granite countertops in Chicago are heat resistant, but it’s not advisable to leave a hot pan on your kitchen countertops for too long. Exposure to heat can weaken the sealant.

Sitting Or Standing

Granite is strong but the natural fissures and striations in your stone kitchen countertops can crack under the pressure of excessive weight. If you need to get up over the countertops, use a stepladder instead.