The Most Hygienic Kitchen Countertops Chicago, IL Materials

When you’re at home, the kitchen is where you feel most relaxed and at peace. The kitchen is more than simply a location to prepare meals; it’s also a social hub for the home. Of course, you’d want that pivotal room to be among the tidiest in the house, right? You can make your kitchen a breeze to clean and maintain by using the proper materials.

The Problem With Germs On Kitchen Countertops Chicago
In spite of their aesthetic value, many naturally occurring stones and woods are permeable. When bacteria locate what they need, such as food, moisture, and a favorable temperature, they may thrive in the small crannies on these surfaces. A non-porous countertop surface is recommended to further reduce the occurrence of hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other less-desirables like fungi and mold in your kitchen. Surfaces like this are not only flawless in terms of their lack of naturally occurring cracks or fissures, but they also resist etching, staining, and divots (all signs of softer, more porous surfaces).

Granite and Quartz Worksurfaces
Quartz, a composite of natural minerals bound together with polymers and resin, is one of the most durable and sanitary countertop materials. Therefore, quartz countertops Chicago are impervious to water and germs. The suggested daily care for your quartz kitchen countertops Chicago is as simple: just use a nonabrasive cleaning cloth and soap and water.

Granite Tops for the Kitchen and Bathroom
In the realm of natural stone countertops, granite reigns supreme. Certified granite only contains the finest, naturally occurring components. Like marble, granite has to be sealed to make it less porous. Sealing granite countertops Chicago professionally not only preserves their original beauty but also protects against the accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens. Clean your granite kitchen countertops Chicago with a soft damp cloth, not bleach or other harsh chemicals.